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Cased CFA Piles

Cased CFA Piles is similar to a Contiguous Flight Auger pile system but with a double rotary head that can drive steel casings in advance and drill the pile at the same time. The Cased CFA piles are built by drilling a hollow stem auger through a steel segmental casing.
Pile diameters range from 750mm ID to 880 ID m. Piling Lengths range to 18.00 m. Rig weights range from to 120t.


Cased CFA Piles can be installed quickly and inexpensively without significant vibration or excessive noise being produced. They are ideally suited for most soil types. Avopiling’s own design of drilling tools is capable of drilling into certain rock layers. Once desired pile level is achieved sand-cement grout or special concrete mix is then pumped into the hole through the hollow stem of the auger while being extracted, eliminating the need for temporary casing and making them ideal for non-cohesive or water bearing soils.
Cased CFA System is ideal for foundation piles and for embedded retaining walls such as contiguous and secant piled walls.


Low noise and vibration Works well in non-cohesive soils Cost-effective Minimal site preparation Suitable for tension loads Can be installed successfully into most ground conditions Ideal for foundation and piled earth retaining systems Spoil contained during concreting

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